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Where have we been hiding? Check here. :)

File name: Updates.txt
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Also - Merry Christmas to all!

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You are very welcome, and glad this site is still of use to people. I was considering blocking uploads as I no longer have time to update this website, but have decided to leave things functioning as always. (I'd like to point out that files already uploaded will always be available, regardless of any changes).

Perhaps I shall take time to implement what you have suggested, sockdog!

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Hey Nick. Just posting here to say a huge thanks for the simple, easy, reliable service. I use it whenever I upload anything online that won't work with imgur. Thanks you so much for making my life much easier! :)

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It would be neat if I could upload multiple versions of the same file and have the one download page for them all - think win64 and mac version on the same page.
Also, uploading .app as files (Windows treats it as a folder so it can't be selected...had to zip it). :)

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File type restrictions were removed recently actually, only a very small select few restrictions remain to avoid abuse of the service.

Previously a whitelist was used for file types (only file types in the list were accepted). Now I use a blacklist (file types on the list are NOT accepted).

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